“There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.”

Desmond tutu

This is a placeholder page for additional details on the bi-weekly planner system I’ve started using. Here is a quote from the title page:

This planner is for those of us who plan but get frustrated with large clunky planners with fixed dates printed on the page and too much structure. Those planners are daunting in their scale and magnitude and don’t fit in a pocket.

Every fourteen days this planner will be complete. If anything, the 336 hours planned within these pages will be your best. Once it is done, you start fresh with another fourteen days, carry on what you learned, and do the best you can with the next 336 hours.

This planner starts on any day, month, or year that suits you. There won’t be any unused months or unwritten pages that haunt you. It’s okay to go a few days or weeks without planning. When you’re ready, pickup another two weeks worth of planning and continue on!

Key Indicators found within are quantifiable actions that you choose to track day-to-day and week-to-week. These can be goals as simple as leaving the house or tracking time spent on a worthwhile activity.

Each day record what made you happy and what was frustrating. By doing so you may reflect on the situations that lead to happiness and, perhaps, how you want to handle future frustrations.

Throughout the weeks, record positive things about yourself. There are two whole pages in which to do so. Write down compliments received, goals completed, and the attributes and qualities you have or aspire to attain.

While you focus on the next 14 days, you may have reason to plan a little farther out. Two pages found within account for 28 days of big-picture plans or notes, or whatever you want!

Find joy in your plans and be the person you want to become!