Hooch and Boo Go On an Adventure

Written by Jonathan Collins

September 23, 2021

Every year my wife and I frequent Halloween haunted houses. I think our first houses we visited were in October 2016 at Lagoon in Utah. We visited all sorts of independent events with various physical expectations, think crawling on all fours, and levels of extreme horror with physical abuse.

Well, now that we live near Orlando, and since we had heard from various attendees that watching Boo, my wife, go through houses was as entertaining as the house itself.

We talked about it in years past but finally decided to give it a go and actually try to create interesting content around our experiences. Who knows what will come of it, but we’re willing to give it a shot for a few seasons and try our hand at sharing haunted houses where the entertainment is the Boo herself.

Our first video:

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