Hooch and Boo Adventures

Howl-O-Scream Orlando: an Absolute Amazing Experience, Part 1 Introduction

An absolutely amazing experience, take the best lessons from Howl-O-Scream Tampa and turn it up to 11!

Year 1 Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando

Since we’re invested to make the most out of this Halloween season of haunted houses, we have to check out Howl-O-Scream (HoS) and see how well they compare to Howl-O-Scream Tampa. People I’ve spoken with seem to think Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) is the Mecca of big...

Hooch and Boo Go On an Adventure

Every year my wife and I frequent Halloween haunted houses. I think our first houses we visited were in October 2016 at Lagoon in Utah. We visited all sorts of independent events with various physical expectations, think crawling on all fours, and levels of extreme...

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